Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dr. Gerry’s Coco Nectar: Benefits and Applications

CCN is an Amino Acid “Bomb”

It delivers a concentrated and complete supply of all the 20 Amino Acids needed by the Immune System to:
  • FIGHT DISEASES - Relentlessly bombard and neutralize intruders/invaders(virus, bacteria,etc.) – something the anti-biotics in overdose, can never do without damaging the body.  CCN is very safe food and can/should be taken in megadoses for serious and life-threatening ailments.
  • REPAIR DAMAGED TISSUES - Supply raw materials for the immediate repair, rehabilitation and rejuvenation of damaged tissues and organs. CCN needs no digestion so it is assimilated in less than 2 minutes from ingestion, delivering the necessary repair substances to the affected tissues.

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