Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WHD Foot Massager Magnetic Healing Mat


Magnetic field produced by God to protect the planet earth and every living thing in the air and on the earth and under the earth, specially human being, from solar ultra violate radiation and cosmic radiation and from the rays of the sun.

A human being created by God amazingly, build ups about 75 trillion human cells they are tiny living things.

Comprised of 78 organs and 840 muscles and 206 bones net together with tendons and ligaments, clothed with flesh and skin to stand up beautifully and moved freely.

A Human being designed by God to walk barefoot for good health and healthy life.

The new technology WHD FOOT MASSAGER MAGNETIC MAT with the FORCE FROM MAGNETIC FIELD, proven effective by many users:

  1. They had enjoy healthy bodies and happy life

  1. Improve their brain memory

  1. Improve their sexual desire and sexual exercise


How to use WHD FOOT MASSAGER MAGNETIC MAT (a 12X12 inches square rubber with 400 studs and 20 magnets).

  1. First pray to God the creator of man, and then take medicine or herbal prescribed by your doctor.

  1. Walk or Apak-apak barefoot in 30 minutes on WHD FOOT MASSAGER MAGNETIC MAT to attract MAGNETIC FIELD and MAGNETIC FORCE to stimulate:

a.)  Nervous System
b.)  Blood Circulation System
c.)  Respiratory System
d.)  Digestive System
e.)  Urinary System
f.)   Endocrine System
g.)  Immune System

For reactivate the natural self healing powers from the body for healing itself.

Try to exercise by walking or apak-apak barefoot in 30 minutes everyday, if your sickness is severe do it 2 or 3X a day 5 hours interval  on WHD FOOT MASSAGER MAGNETIC MAT.

You can see and feel positive amazing result after 30 minutes walking or apak-apak on WHD FOOT MASSAGER MAGNETIC MAT.

  1. Stress no more
  2. Depress no more
  3. Sorrowful no more
  4. Sleepless no more
  5. Weak Body no more
  6. Pain any part of your body no more
  7. Your feeling is relaxed and completely healed from any illness or painful sickness.

NOTE: Do not take a bath after apak-apak, wait for 6 hours.

Try it nothing lose it is money back guarantee, after 7 days good as sold.

Any interested for health and business venture please call Inventor Dalmacio B. Muring,710-1190 or cel. no. 0910-555-3038 / fax no.: 571-8659

Email Add.:

#48 2nd Flr., Frank Ramos Bldg., Dr. M. Flores St., Bagong Ilog, Cor. Avis St., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City.

Reflexology Consultant
Filipino Inventors Society Inc. Member

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