Monday, July 25, 2011


1. Take your time. Savor your food. Eat slowly, enjoy the taste and textures, and
pay attention to how you feel while you’re eating. Be mindful.
Eating very quickly may cause you to eat too much.
2. Use a smaller plate. Use a smaller plate at meals to help with portion control.
That way, you can finish your entire plate and feel satisfied without overeating.
3. Take control of your food. Eat at home more often so you know exactly what you
are eating. If you eat out, choose healthier options such as baked instead of fried.
4. Try new foods. Keep it interesting by picking out new foods you’ve never tried
before. You may find a new favourite! Trade fun and tasty recipes with friends
or find them online.
5. Satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Indulge in a naturally sweet dessert
dish — fruit! Serve a fresh fruit cocktail or a fruit salad made with yogurt.
For a hot dessert, bake apples and top with cinnamon. (USDA, 2011)

Monday, July 18, 2011

52 Healing Habits

Attention: If You Want Healing—God’s Way
How to Transform Your Health, in Body and Soul, One Simple and Powerful Habit at a Time!

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I have an important announcement to make:

God has given you the power to heal yourself.

This is an awesome power.

And this power is already at work in your body.

Within your body is a powerful healing system that fights germs, heals diseases, and prevents you from getting sick.

Friend, God has placed a healer within you.

And that healer is an amazing healer!

Some of you may ask, “Bo, are you talking about the immune system?”

Yes, but not just the immune system as you know it.

Because we’re talking about a healing system that is both natural and supernatural, both physical and spiritual at the same time.

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