Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Great Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass has powerful anti-oxidants, phytochemicals and a complete range of nutrients that will not only detoxify your body, but will also improve the overall quality of your blood-nourishing the body to help it heal itself. Wheatgrass Cleanses, Alkalizes and Nourishes your body with every sachet.

Chlorophyll in wheatgrass has a similar molecular structure as the blood and has been found to be easily converted by the body into new fresh blood. Chlorophyll is also a powerful anti-oxidant in itself, neutralizing free radicals and detoxifying the blood.

The enzymes P4D1 and Abscissic Acid (ABA), both found in Easy Pha-max wheatgrass, strips Cancer cells protective covering so that our body’s immune system can attack and easily destroy them. According to some studies, abscissic acid is a formidable anti-cancer agent that is proven to be deadly against any form of cancer even in small amounts. Numerous health problems were proven to be alleviated by simply consuming wheatgrass. Other enzymes and amino acids also found in wheatgrass help with digestion, lowers blood pressure, breaks down cancer cells, aids the liver and improves the immune system.

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