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Five Tips to Keep Healthy and Fit By Erwan Heussaff

Fit in Five with The Fat Kid Inside: Erwan Heussaff Helps You Stick To Your Health Goals This 2014


It is now 2014. Most likely you (just like myself) rang in the new year with a celebration filled with family and friends, and the requisite holiday binge of food and drink. 'Twas the season to be chubby, as friends would often say last month. Now that we're all back to regular programming, easing into the normality of regular weekdays and weekends might prove a great chore--even more if you've crossed your heart and pinky promised that this year is the year that you will finally stick to your resolutions.

We all need some sort of support system when switching to a healthier lifestyle, especially when we feel we're starting from ground zero, with no idea how to jumpstart our health and fitness journey. Why not let Erwan Heussaff help you achieve your health goals this year? 'I strongly feel that with every passing year people are becoming increasingly unhealthy and will eventually develop some health problems if they stick with their current lifestyles,' he shares.

Even the busiest of people can learn from The Fat Kid Inside blogger, triathlete, and Filipino-French restaurateur, because all you'll need is just five minutes to check out this animated video below. And for those wanting to lose weight, Erwan shares that weight loss is achievable and not as hard as they may think--he was able to do it himself, remember? So spare five minutes to watch the video, and as a bonus, read further as he shares with ClickTheCity five extra tips on health and fitness.

Erwan's Five Tips to Keep Healthy and Fit:
1. There's Always Time For Tabata
Leave it to the Japanese to introduce a high-intensity interval training that's simple and efficient--all it takes is several minutes. "Tabata work outs are the best for people who are time hungry," Erwan shares. First, choose four exercises (body weight push-ups, squats, burpees, box-jumps, for example). Then do each exercise to failure for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds; complete all 4 exercises in this manner and repeat 8 times. It's a short and intense cardio workout that's bound to leave you breathless (maybe even see stars), but do this regularly and you will experience results in no time.
2. Freeze Some Greens
Peas and broccoli, to be exact, as Erwan reveals that these two are great ingredients to keep frozen. "The freezing process actually increases the nutritional values of this produce," he says.
3. Snack On Nuts
Want to munch on something in between meals? Forget the chocolates and chips--well, save them for cheat day when you feel you already deserve them. "The best snacks to keep handy are almonds, brazil nuts, et cetera," tips Erwan. Keep a small stash handy inside your bag, or leave a small container at your office desk, as healthy nuts are jampacked with nutrients, fiber, minerals, and healthy fats. "All in moderation of course," he adds.
4. Prep Your Protein
Craving for protein? Then make delicious but healthy protein dishes right at home. "Buy some leat meat, mince and flavour them with spices, seasoning and herbs," Erwan suggests, "Make balls out of them and bake them in the oven until cooked, usually 15 to 20 minutes at 190°C." Make a batch enough for the week to save you time, as you can freeze and thaw for the week as needed.
5. When in Doubt, Use Your Hands a guide for food portioning size, that is. If grams and ounces and all those kinds of measurement mess up your math, here is an easier portioning size guide shared by Erwan: your fist size equals to carbs (not the processed kind), your palm size is the protein, and your thumb size is fat.
Repeat: Fist size = (Good) Carbs, Palm size = Protein, Thumb size = Fat. 
Here is to a healthier world!

Visit Erwan Heussaff's blog, The Fat Kid Inside ( for more of his take on food, cooking, health, and fitness. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram (@erwanjheussaff), and like his official Facebook page (thefatkidinside).

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